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One of the biggest keys to success lies in our willingness to learn from others. Many leaders in finance, technology, and business attribute their success to reading as a means of growing their knowledge. And while there are numerous books to anticipate in 2020, many of the top-selling books published in 2019 are still worth the read. Here is a look at some of the most highly recommended leadership books to consider adding to your collection.

The Motivation Trap
Transformational leadership expert John Hittler introduces a new theory in this spectacular read. He explains why many traditional forms of motivating employees are irrelevant and ineffective. The Motivation Trap offers a riveting new example of how to encourage employees to become self-motivated. The future of employee evaluations is exciting and productive.

Growth IQ
Author and Innovation Leader at Salesforce, Tiffani Bova, has a refreshing outlook on business and leadership. Her easy to follow ten path theory offers insight into self-reflective techniques for business owners. Keeping the focus within prevents the common tendency to become an industry copycat. Bova challenges the benefits of generalized industry standards and encourages each leader to become an independent thinker who is unafraid to take chances.

Break the Wheel
Podcast host Jay Acunzo offers six basic steps to improving business growth. He stresses the importance of questioning the status quo and investigating current business practices. By thinking outside the proverbial box, Acunzo ensures readers that they can rely on their intuition. These techniques empower leaders to make the right decisions for their company at precisely the right time.

Data Science for Executives
Only Nir Kaldero from Galvanize could make Data Science principles an exciting read. He breaks down critical statistical theories in a relevant way for business leaders to dissect. Virtually every industry benefits from introducing strategies featuring AI technology and other data science components.

WTF?! (Willing to Fail)
Successful serial entrepreneur Brian Scudamore offers a lighthearted approach to leadership. He encourages business executives to take the pressure off themselves and their staff. With a wide variety of business experience to draw from, Scudamore offers insight that can be implemented across virtually any line of business. His simple advice is to take the focus off avoiding setbacks or challenges. By embracing obstacles, leaders can overcome them and find success in unlikely circumstances.