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Somewhere between the endless staff meetings, upcoming deadlines, lost files, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and invoice overflows, many managers have lost their way, causing them to fail at the basics. This could derail their career or lead both their company and staff astray. Fortunately, sometimes the solutions are a bit simpler than expected. Here are some invaluable tips that managers can learn from merely observing the children around them.

Stay Optimistic
When children recognize that something is broken, they instantly look for ways to fix it. They don’t immediately think that it is an impossible task, nor do they ponder on everything that could possibly go wrong. Their sense of wonder and all-around optimism keeps them motivated and makes the seemingly impossible, possible.

Practice Compassion
When a child sees someone in distress, they feel compelled to help at whatever cost. And as they are better in touch with their emotions, they have an unwavering sense of empathy. This is something that can fade during adult life if we aren’t careful; however, as an effective manager, embodying these traits are vital.

Be Quick To Forgive
Humans have a way of making mistakes on a daily basis. And when these errors affect the workflow, leaders may become impatient and unforgiving. While certain oversights may warrant some level of consequence, when it is all said and done, getting the show back on the road and focusing on the present moment are the most important things. This is when it pays to adopt childlike forgiveness.

Exhibit Good Manners
Children are taught to have manners by the same adults that tend to lose them later on life. However, the simple use of “please” and “thank you” can make the difference between a bitter and resentful staff and one that is excited to produce the best results possible as they can rest assured that their hard work and efforts are appreciated.

All in all, children can remind managers that their employees are still people at the end of the day. So, while business is still the top priority, leading with an approach that is both humane and patient will breed the most positive results.