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One of the characteristics we have found in good leaders is their ability to make timely, quality decisions. Quick-thinking individuals are in leadership roles because they are not inflated with feelings of self-importance, but are self-confident and aggressively conscious of what makes a business flourish.

The best leaders seem to know how to avoid the pitfall of indecisiveness that can be so crippling to so many entrepreneurs and young managers in the modern business world. In this article, we will list what leaders must learn in becoming decisive decision-makers.

LEARN TO EXERCISE THE BRAIN– Train your brain to make decisions more efficiently. Leaders can practice by being more decisive and faster in making small decisions. While small decisions seem of no value, it is believed that just making them efficiently creates new avenues in the brain that will help in making much larger decisions down the road. 

LEARN FROM MISTAKES–Decisive leaders see failure as a learning experience. Failure can be used as a pathway to success. Decisive leaders don’t quit. When they do fail, they know how to accept defeat, learn from it, and move on.

LEARN TO JUDGE–When executing decisions, good leaders have to judge important objectives and elements. They must decide what is best for a company or firm by analyzing the pros and cons of issues and then make a decisive choice. They learn to judge the good and the bad. 

LEARN HOW TO BE DECISIVE–Learning to be decisive produces quality decision making. It is vital to leadership success. Studies reveal that those who are efficient at being decisive are insightful and have in-depth knowledge and experience.

LEARN TO TAKE AUTHORITY– Not all business decisions result in success. As long as you are in authority to take action when faced with making a decision, you either learn from the failure, or you succeed and celebrate the victory. 

We hope the above suggestions will be of great help. Learn to take authority, learn how to be decisive, learn to judge, learn from mistakes, and learn to exercise the brain. Critical decision-makers hold the keys to business success. They are achievement-oriented, over-comers, and winners.