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Dr. Edward Thalheimer

Leadership & Mentorship




Dr. Edward Thalheimer is a man who understands the importance of mentorship and the lifelong benefits such relationships provide. Currently based in Long Beach, Dr. Thalheimer is the Founder and President of The Tutoring Center Franchise Corp, a highly successful after-school educational company that takes a unique approach to improving children’s academic skills. From its inception in 1994, The Tutoring Center Franchise Corp has developed a number of enhanced tactics that are proven to instill confidence and motivation in each student, such as One-to-One Instruction and The Rotational Approach to Learning™. 


However, one of The Tutoring Center’s core principles is to never force a child into abiding by a learning style that they do not like or respond to. Therefore, the franchise takes a unique approach to every child’s education, ensuring it is tailored specifically to their strengths and areas of improvement.


It is important to note that Dr. Edward Thalheimer’s strategy for fostering confidence and competence is not limited to The Tutoring Center’s students. Instead, it is a core part of the company’s value system, which is meant to support and lift up employees and franchisees as well. 


This principle is made evident from the very start of a franchisee’s journey with The Tutoring Center Franchise Corp, as they are one of only a few franchise companies in the industry to individually interview each of their candidates to ensure they have what it takes not just to make a profit but to make a lasting impact on their location of choice. This vetting system has aided The Tutoring Center Franchise Corp in achieving one of the lowest center-closing rates in the after-school learning industry.


Overall, the concept of mentorship is one that Dr. Edward Thalheimer holds very close to his heart, as it is his belief that one cannot achieve any meaningful success if they are not serving others. Therefore, he strives to ensure each and every member of his organization is treated as a protege rather than just an employee. By fostering this sort of connection and level of accountability, Dr. Thalheimer has witnessed the rise of a new generation of leaders within his own company. As it stands, most of the executives at The Tutoring Center Franchise Corp started when they were under 30 years old — an achievement that many other companies, let alone those that are focused on the realm of education, cannot boast.


Should you be interested in learning more about Dr. Edward Thalheimer and his passion for making a positive impact alongside The Tutoring Center, be sure to visit his blog page.